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Galit Weinfeld

...is a partner dance instructor and performer based in New York City.

Galit earned a Bachelors Degree in Dance from the University of Colorado Boulder. She now specializes in vintage partner dances such as Blues and Swing Styles: Lindy Hop, 20's and 30's Charleston.

As an instructor, she is known for her ability to break down difficult movements and body mechanics with clarity, warmth and technical precision; making any dance accessible to all levels. She actively teaches Blues, Swing and Wedding dance group classes and privates in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

As a performer, she has graced the floors of premier institutions and events including Jazz at Lincoln Center, The Rainbow Room, The Whitney Museum, The Alhambra Ballroom, the USS Intrepid and Midsummer Night Swing. She is part of multiple dance troupes including: Frankie Manning's The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers, The Intrepid Swing Brigade, Project Connect and Gatsby Entertainment.

"Learning to dance has easily been the best decision I've made as an adult. Galit helped me break the misconception that the ability to dance is something just a few people are born with." - Roy I.