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Your dance, your way!

Keep it simple, or dazzle your guests. Either way we'll create a memorable dance that represents your love story. 

Two left feet?

Beginners are encouraged and welcomed! You'll be in a safe space to learn and grow together.

Each lesson includes:

*Private studio space rental

*60 minutes long

*Personal video & notes to take home and practice with!

3 Lesson Package
5 Lesson Package
10 Lesson Package

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each lesson?

60 minutes

How do I schedule a lesson?

Use the contact form to send an inquiry, including days and times that you're generally available.

How do I pay for lessons?

Bring cash or check for the full amount to your first lesson. You can also pay via Venmo or Paypal. If you're buying a package, the total is due upfront.

What type of shoes should I wear?

Wear the shoes you plan to dance in​ for your special day! You can also bring some comfortable practice shoes. Smooth soled shoes are great!

Do lessons expire when you buy a package?

Yes, but only after a full year has passed since purchase. That should be more than enough time to complete the lessons in any package, no matter how crazy your schedule is.

"Galit's instruction has empowered me to feel like myself on the dance floor. I now have the confidence to express myself in a variety of public settings I never would've imagined myself dancing in." - Roy I.